Karin Salmson is a Swedish author and educator in the areas of equality, gender equality, norm criticism, diversity and inclusion. She has a background as a journalist and publisher and has written more than twenty-five books for children and adults.

Between 2009 and 2018, she ran the publishing house Olika
("Different" in Swedish) together with Marie Tomičić. Olika publishes books that reflect the contemporary society and peoples' many ways of being and living. In these books more children recognise their reality, and at the same time the books open up for more possibilities than excluding norms and expectations do. In 2012, Olika published the first children's book that used the gender-neutral pronoun hen instead of she or he ("han" and "hon" in Swedish). As a result, hen is now a natural part of the Swedish language. The same year, Olika publishing received the Equality Award for their work with children's rights and equality.

Today Karin Salmson is mostly active as a writer
but also as an educator and a lecturer on topics such as social sustainability, gender equality and equality. Her two latest books were published in 2019. "The Book of Celebration- philosophize and play together" (with Johanna Ivarsson and Emil Åkerö, Olika publishing) addresses pre-school and school and is meant as a tool to create inclusive school activities. The book is based on the calendar and highlights both religious holidays, UN-days, Pride and national minorities' days of celebration. "A Handbook for Change" (with Johanna Ivarsson and Linn Alenius, Jamlikt.nu) supports young people in their claims for rights and among other things gives them knowledge in human rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and norm criticism.

Her next book is called "You're right"
(written with Elisabeth Hagborg). This children's book about the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is meant as a tool for children to help them know their rights and live good lives. The book is planned for 2020.